Club Officers

Here are the officers now serving the Keystone British Car Club.
(Election of officers is held each November at the club’s annual business meeting.)

Executive Committee

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Diane Maurer
Term through 12/31/25
Breinigsville, Pa.
Contact for official club business
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Claude Dencler
Vice President
Events & Show Chairman
Term through 12/31/25
Quakertown, Pa.
Contact for events and show information
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Bill Mounce

Term through 12/31/24
Easton, Pa.
Contact for club dues, membership
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Kim de Bourbon
Secretary & Webmaster
Term through 12/31/24
PO Box 293
Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327
Website info, newsletter, calendar
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Bob Ackerman
Immediate Past President
Easton, Pa.

Distinguished past presidents

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Dick Horn
President Emeritus
Keystone Region MG Club

Easton, Pa.
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Ken Beck
President Emeritus
British Car Club of Lehigh Valley

Bethlehem, Pa.
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Jed Rapoport
Past President, Keystone British Car Club
Macungie, Pa.
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Bob Pilat
Past President, Keystone MG
Whitehall, Pa.

From our bylaws


Section 1 – Officers
The elected officers of the club shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2 – Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of five members: The four officers along with the immediate past president, or a president emeritus, or other person designated by the members at the Annual Meeting, shall make up the Executive Committee.

Section 3 – Terms of Office
  • The President and Vice President shall each serve two-year terms.
  • The Treasurer and Secretary shall each serve three-year terms.
Section 4 – Term Limits
  • The President and the Vice President shall each be limited to serving three terms.
  • The Treasurer and the Secretary may serve no more than three consecutive terms.
Section 5 – Election of Officers
Any member in good standing may announce their candidacy for any one of the offices beginning in October in any year that the position is up for election.

All eligible candidates shall be presented to the membership, and all members in attendance at the Annual Meeting in November shall vote for the officers up for election. All duly elected officers shall take their position effective January 1 of the next year.

Section 6 – Failure to elect
If no one is willing to stand for an elected office at the time of the election, then it shall fall to the currently serving Executive Committee to suggest a resolution to be put before members at the Annual Meeting.

Section 7 – Executive Committee powers
The Executive Committee shall have the authority to make unbudgeted expenditures up to but not more than $300.

The Executive Committee shall have the right to enter into contracts on behalf of the club membership with a cost limitation of $300.

A vote of the general membership shall be required to confer upon the Executive Committee any other special privileges, powers, or duties.

Section 8 – Duties of Officers

President: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the club and shall preside at all meetings of the club and of the Executive Committee. The President shall have the power to appoint members to committees or to replace other officers unable to serve their terms. The President shall have check-signing authority equal to the Treasurer.

Vice President: The Vice President shall preside over the club in the absence of the President, or if the President becomes unable to perform their duties. The Vice President shall have check-signing authority equal to the Treasurer. The Vice President shall chair the Activities Committee.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have charge of all club funds and deposit all funds in a bank approved by the Executive Committee. They shall collect dues, send out bills, pay bills as authorized by the President or Executive Committee, and shall report to the membership at club meetings, but no less than once per year at the Annual Meeting, on the status of such funds in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
The Treasurer shall serve as a member of the Membership Committee.

Secretary: The Secretary of the Club shall conduct all club correspondence, maintain all vital records, and keep records of the minutes of club meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee. Minutes from each meeting are to be published in the next edition of the club’s newsletter or on the club website or by whatever means the Executive Committee deems necessary. The Secretary shall serve as a member of the Communications Committee.