A gentleman named Russ Lowell sent us a number of photos taken at our June 14, 1998 British Motorcar Gathering, which was only the third year the event was held at the Reservoir Park in Hellertown. (For the first two years — 1994 and 1995 — the show was held at The Meadows banquet hall in Hellertown.)

I was going through my attic and came across a box of old negatives. I believe these were taken at a show you sponsored in 1998 in Hellertown, Pa.,” he wrote.

I‘ve scanned them and there are an assortment of British marques. (I think at the time I was thinking about buying a TR-6).”

Thanks, Russ!

According to our records, in 1996, first year the show was held at the park, there were 115 cars registered. Now we regularly have more than 200 cars at the show, still held the second Sunday of every June.