Welcome to the Keystone British Car Club!

The Keystone British Car Club is centered in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania (Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area), although we have members to the east in New Jersey, to the north in the Poconos, and to the west in Berks County. And beyond.

The club shares a love of all types of classic British cars, and is run solely by volunteers to promote interest in and help foster preservation of vintage British motor cars.

People join our club for many reasons. There is a core group of members who enjoy the personal club fellowship and attend almost every meeting and event. Others can't make it to the meetings, but enjoying supporting the club and keeping up-to-date on all the events in the region.

All are welcome to JOIN US! Our signature event is our annual British Motorcar Gathering, a major British car show held in a wooded park in Hellertown, just south of Bethlehem, Pa. The “Hellertown show” is one of the region’s most popular car shows and attracts 200 British cars of all kinds.

Other club activities include summer picnics, rallies, and caravans to other shows in the region, and our annual dinner each January. Check out our Club Calendar to see what we're up to this year.

That's the “nuts and bolts” of what the Keystone British Car Club is all about. Enjoy our website, and send us an email if you'd like more information about our club.
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The Keystone British Car Club was formed in 2021 by consolidating the
Keystone Region MG Club
& British Car Club of the Lehigh Valley
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Two clubs into one

These two eastern Pennsylvania clubs — closely affiliated for years — in summer 2021 voted to consolidate, forming one club called the Keystone Region British Car Club.

The Keystone MG club (established in 1977), and the BCCLV (formed in 1994), for many years had been “sister clubs” which shared many members. The clubs had gotten into the practice of inviting each other to all their events, and had a combined holiday banquet every year. So joining forces seemed to be the sensible thing to do, to focus our efforts and have even more fun pursuing our affection for classic British cars of all kinds, especially in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, which slowed everything down.